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"I have my confidence back completely! Thanks to the craftsmanship and excellent service of Fue Perfect.
And all that for a great price!"

--- Arkin Senturk, September 2019

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The Fue Perfect method

Our surgeons which apply the hair transplants in Turkey and Hoofddorp have a medical university degree and have become qualified hair transplant surgeons due to the many treatments they have performed. The surgeon will guide you through the entire process. They monitor the surgery, take blood samples and determine the medical details of the surgery (like the creation of the channels). Fue Perfect is an authority in the field of hair transplantations and carries out all treatments in their own clinics in Turkey and The Netherlands!

Fue Perfect works exclusively with surgeons who are registered with the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery. ISHRS is a union which promotes the quality of hair transplants surgeons. We also carry the ISO certification.

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Affordable hair transplants in Turkey and The Netherlands

Going bald is hard to accept for many people. A hair transplant from FUE perfect is the ideal solution for baldness. In our clinics in Hoofddorp (The Netherlands) and Istanbul (Turkey) our specialists are ready to apply affordable hair transplants for men and women.

Experienced medical team

The surgeons are leading members of the International Society of Hair Restoration.

Save 50%

A hair transplant in Turkey can work out 50% cheaper (including the journey)

Modern technique

FUE method (Follicular Unit Extraction) is the most common technique.

Written guarantee

You’ll receive a written guarantee to ensure an optimal result

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Our transplants

Fue perfect has several transplant options. Head hair of course, but eyebrow, beard or body hair transplants are very suitable options too. You choose to have the treatment applied in our Dutch clinic, but did you know that the same hair transplant works out much cheaper in Turkey, including the journey? We offer special arrangements which include the journey, stay and treatment. This makes a hair transplant affordable, because you'll save up to 50% on the treatment.

Hair transplant

Hair transplant

FUE hair transplant is virtually painless, quick recovery and with great results.

Beard transplant

Beard transplant

The Fue beard transplant gives a natural result with a full beard.

Eyebrow transplant

Eyebrow transplant

The surgeon is specialised to give the eyebrow the desired or natural shape.

Body hair transplant

Body hair transplant

On occasion, body hair can be transplanted to create a fuller hair density.

Group Tours Fue Perfect

Group Tour Hair Transplantation

Almost every month we organize group trips to Istanbul, with a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 7 clients. You travel with of our experienced companion Arkin. The perfect setting for a cosy and relaxed atmosphere, enabling you to lean back and enjoy a care-free treatment. You make use of a group travel discount save from € 200,-.

Upcoming Group Tours: tba.

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