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Our clinic in Turkey

Luxury and comfort

Our Turkish clinic is focused on luxury and comfort for our clients. The surgeons have, without exception, 10 to 15 years of experience with hair transplants and plastic surgery. They work with state of the art equipment, using the latest techniques. The boutique hospital is modern, and the five operating rooms used for hair transplants and cosmetic surgeries comply with all hygiene requirements. The clinic is certified by the Turkish Ministry of Health. In addition, we are affiliated with all major sector organizations.


In the clinic, you won’t lack a thing. Your Dutch speaking coordinator keeps a close eye on you during your visit to Turkey and during the hair transplant. The supporting care staff is extremely nice and helpful. The clinic has its own chef. Drinks are available, you can enjoy your lunch and all this in a relaxing environment, yet in the heart of Istanbul.

During the treatment, which can take up to a day, there is a tv available to you in the treatment room so that you can undergo the transplant whilst barely noticing.

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is important to us. After your visit you will be asked about your experience about our clinic, treatment and guidance. Your participation is very much appreciated. In addition, we regularly hold large surveys for customer satisfaction. This way we can offer quality, by listening to you. Our team is ready for you.

Do you desire a beautiful full head of hair once again? Are you planning to have your hair transplant performed in Turkey? Fue Perfect offers the highest quality for a good price. We have an all-inclusive package, without any payment in advance. After the surgery you will receive a certificate and guarantee document of the number of grafts transplanted.


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