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Haartransplantatie Turkije Fue


Turkey is known for its specialists in the field of hair transplantation. Every week, 15.000 people from all over Europe travel to Istanbul for a cosmetic procedure. Fue Perfect offers hair transplants at very competitive prices, from the Netherlands. Our packages are all-inclusive. We offer guidance before and after the treatment in the Netherlands with consults and check-ups. The hair transplant itself takes place in Turkey.

When you decide to use the full Fue Perfect package we ensure that you don’t lack a thing and are able to focus on undergoing your hair transplant in all tranquillity. Our modern clinic in Istanbul is equipped with the most advanced instruments and technology and complies with all rules and regulations enforced by the ministry of Health. We always take your safety in the highest regard.

When you arrive in Istanbul you will be picked up by a driver and transported to the hotel. You stay in a four-star hotel with comfortable beds and air-conditioning in the European part of the city. We also organize the transfer from the hotel to the clinic and back.

Why choose Turkey for your hair transplant?

In general, the costs of many things, such as staff and housing, are much lower in Turkey, enabling us to off the All-in packages at these low prices. You can take a nice break of a few days and come back reborn, with more hair. What a trip. Read more about the packages here.

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