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Hair transplant costs men

Are you curious about the hair transplant costs for men in Turkey or in the Netherlands? Hair loss often causes panic and panic is a bad counselor. The explosive increase in the number of hair clinics can lead you to make the wrong decision in your haste. Hair transplant costs in men can range from cheap to very expensive. But how do you choose the practitioner that suits you and what should you pay attention to when comparing the offer?

Different techniques

FUT or FUE technique

There are two common hair transplant techniques that are used at home and abroad. Other new techniques such as hair stem cell transplantation are in an experimental phase. The FUT technique is known for the typical hair transplant scar that is visible after the procedure. The scar arises because a piece of skin is removed from the donor area and cut into separate grafts. The grafts are then placed in the graft areas. Recovery after a FUT hair transplant is long and can be accompanied by bleeding and infections.

For many years, the FUT technique was the most widely used method to apply a hair transplant. With the development and refinement of the technique and equipment, today more and more clinics use only the FUE method. Without cutting and/or stitching your skin, the hair follicles are extracted from your hair wreath with a hollow needle and placed in the bald areas. The recovery is smooth and the risk of complications is very small. When compiling the hair transplant costs men, the technique used is taken into account. FUT hair implants are offered cheaper than when a doctor applies the FUE technique. The number of clinics that still offer and apply the outdated technology is decreasing.

The advantages of the FUE method are:

  • Less drastic;
  • No stitches;
  • Mesvrije;
  • Quick recovery;
  • Small chance of complications;
  • No visible scars;
  • Natural results.
Differences at home and abroad

Hair transplant costs at home and abroad

In addition to the difference in technique, there is also a big difference in the hair transplant costs for men at national and foreign hair clinics. While you can easily pay an amount between € 3,300 and € 10,000 at a clinic in the Netherlands, the rates abroad such as Turkey are on average 25% to more than 50% lower. This difference is not always caused by the difference in quality or level of care. Foreign clinics have to deal with lower monthly costs, which means that treatments and interventions can be offered for a lower rate.

The difference in price is even greater, because Dutch hair clinics transplant considerably fewer hair follicles during a day treatment than foreign colleagues do. How does this difference in number arise? Abroad, a hair surgeon works together with a team of assistants. This well-oiled collaboration is applied both during the harvesting and replacement of the grafts, whereby up to 4,250 hair follicles are treated.

Included in treatment Turkey:

  • Return ticket, airport consultation;
  • Three nights – 5* hotel;
  • Transfer on site;
  • Application Sapphire worth € 250;
  • Aftercare and checks in the Netherlands;
  • 17 year growth guarantee.
Compare costs

Hair transplant costs compare men

The diverse range and the varying costs do not make making a decision any easier. As preparation for a possible hair transplant, you can get advice from several hair clinics. To get a better idea of ​​the possibilities at home and abroad, you can compare the different clinics. Nowadays you can make the comparison without having to travel abroad first. Several hair clinics originally from abroad have a branch in the Netherlands. The big advantage of this is that you will be assisted by Dutch-speaking consultants and that in principle you will only travel to the clinic abroad for the hair transplant. FUE Perfect has offices in Hoofddorp and Istanbul, Turkey. Unlike other Turkish hair clinics, you can also choose to have the hair transplant performed in the clinic in Hoofddorp. Hair transplant rates in Hoofddorp are between € 1,950 and € 3,950 and at the clinic in Istanbul € 1,950 and € 2,650.

Experience makes the difference

Experienced hair surgeons make a difference

FUE Perfect only works with ISHRS registered doctors. Our hair surgeons regularly attend conferences, meetings, conferences and workshops organized by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery. Hundreds of FUE hair transplants for men and women are performed every year at the clinics in Hoofddorp and Istanbul. The advantage of years of experience is that the hair surgeon has excellent control over the technique and can achieve natural results.

When you have a cheap hair transplant applied by a novice hair transplant specialist, the result may be disappointing, for example due to an unnatural-looking hairline. In addition, the FUE Perfect clinics meet all the requirements set by the government in the field of care and hygiene. You are in experienced hands. Dutch-speaking guidance is also available during your stay in Turkey, so that you are able to communicate without misunderstandings with the doctor and cooperating assistants.

Pay attention to your choice:

  • quality mark;
  • ISHRS registration;
  • Good experiences;
  • Experience treated physician;
  • Cost accrual.

Tailor-made hair transplant costs

Are you going to a consultation with a hair surgeon and/or a hair clinic? When you prepare for a hair transplant and go to an intake interview, there are a number of things that you can pay extra attention to and that help you make a responsible decision.

A hair transplant is a procedure that needs to be tailor-made for a successful result. The employees and doctors of FUE Perfect are happy to assist you with this. You can get to know the clinic without obligation during a free consultation in Hoofddorp. The treatment options are explained and your situation is assessed. If you are suitable for an FUE hair transplant, you will receive a personal treatment plan. The first consultation is free and is intended to give you more insight into the treatment options.

Make an appointment immediately for an online consultation

Want to know more about a hair transplant? Make an appointment for an online consultation without any obligation.
Hair transplant costs

Cost of hair transplant

We offer a hair transplant for a fair and affordable price. The cost of a hair transplant does not have to be expensive. A treatment is by definition personal, so a consultation with the doctor is always necessary. Curious about the costs of our treatments?

Fue Hair Transplant

Treatment Netherlands

  • < 1200 Grafts
    € 2.950
  • 1200-2500 Grafts
    € 3.450
  • 2500-3500 Grafts
    € 3.750
  • 3500-4250 Grafts
    € 4.250

Fue Hair Transplant

Treatment Turkey

  • < 1200 Grafts
    € 2.150
  • 1200-2500 Grafts
    € 2.350
  • 2500-3500 Grafts
    € 2.650
  • 3500-4250 Grafts
    € 2.850
Fue Perfect

Why choose Fue Perfect clinic?

Bij Fue Perfect werken we uitsluitend met deskundige artsen nauwkeurig aan uw haartransplantatie. Met de deskundigheid van onze artsen streven ze de hoogste vorm van kwaliteit na. Wij vinden het erg belangrijk dat u tevreden bent over ons en over uw behandeling.

Expert doctors

You are in good hands with the doctors at Fue Perfect. You will be helped by qualified hair specialists.

Personal treatment plan

A hair transplant is different for everyone. We will discuss your situation in a personal treatment plan.

Handle location choice

If you opt for a hair transplant at Fue Perfect, you can choose between a treatment in Turkey or the Netherlands.
Customer Experiences

Hair transplant experience

Every patient at Fue Perfect has a unique motivation to perform a hair transplant. If you are curious about the experiences with a hair transplant from others at Fue Perfect, read on quickly and we may see you soon in our clinic for a non-binding consultation.

My hair was thinning which made me very insecure. I am extremely happy with the result.
Marloes van Nieuwkoop
Thanks to the craftsmanship of FuePerfect, I have completely regained my self-confidence.
Antonie Graafveld

Veel gestelde vragen over kosten

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At FuePerfect we provide you with expert advice on hair transplants in the Netherlands and Turkey. Our expert in hair transplantation is Drs. Deniz Akdogan. Deniz is a member of the Dutch Association for Cosmetic Surgery (NVVCC). During his studies, he completed a medical education at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam in 2008.

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Want to know more about a hair transplant? Make an appointment for an online consultation without any obligation.