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Hair transplant costs women

Are you curious about the hair transplant costs for women? Gone are the days when hair transplants were only used on men. New, refined treatment techniques and lasting results have made the procedure interesting and accessible for women as well. The hair transplant costs for women and men differ little from each other and interesting price advantages can be achieved by carefully comparing.
Hair transplant without shaving

Knife-free hair transplant

For years, hair transplants were performed using the FUT technique. The technique, in which a strip of skin is removed from the back of the head, is known for the typical scar that forms in the hair crown. Nowadays, the FUT method is used less and less. Hair transplant specialists and hair surgeons worldwide prefer the modern and less invasive FUE technique, in which the hair follicles are extracted one by one with a FUE micro motor.

Without cutting and stitching the skin, the recovery is faster and there are no visible scars later on. In both FUT and FUE techniques, it is common for all hair to be shaved. Shaving the hair allows a specialist to effectively perform a hair transplant. At the same time, it is one of the biggest disadvantages of the procedure for women. Women value the hair in a different way than men and do not just shave off all the hair.


FUE technique

The hair-sparing hair transplant has been developed to offer women with androgenic alopecia a permanent solution, without having to cut all the hair. The procedure is applied with the FUE technique, but instead of shaving all the hair, only a piece of hair is shaved in the donor area. The longer hairs fall over the shaved area after the procedure and it is hardly visible that you have had a hair transplant applied. The only difference with a standard FUE hair transplant is that fewer hair follicles can be transplanted during a day treatment.
FUE hair transplant costs women


The hair transplant costs for women and men are almost always calculated on the basis of the number of hair follicles and the extent of the procedure. Hair loss in women is different, more widespread, than in men. In addition, women rarely or never become completely bald as a result of hereditary hair loss. The number of hair follicles transplanted in women is almost always less than in men who undergo extensive hair transplantation. The prices that are calculated hardly differ from each other. However, you can save on costs. How? By comparing the costs of the different hair clinics. What do you pay attention to when comparing

  • Brand awareness of the clinic;
  • Experience of the treating specialists;
  • The hair transplant technique that is applied;
  • The number of hair follicles being treated;
  • Guarantee;
  • Fact whether the consultation, aftercare and checks are included in the price;
  • The matters that are otherwise included in the treatment rate.
Hair transplant costs

Cost of hair transplant

The costs of the treatment depend very much on your situation and wishes. Read more about the costs on the rates pages: Hair transplant costs in the Netherlands or Hair transplant costs in Turkey.

Fue Hair Transplant

Treatment Netherlands

  • < 1200 Grafts
    € 2.950
  • 1200-2500 Grafts
    € 3.450
  • 2500-3500 Grafts
    € 3.750
  • 3500-4250 Grafts
    € 4.250

Fue Hair Transplant

Treatment Turkey

  • < 1200 Grafts
    € 2.150
  • 1200-2500 Grafts
    € 2.350
  • 2500-3500 Grafts
    € 2.650
  • 3500-4250 Grafts
    € 2.850

Permanent new hair growth

A hair transplant is the only treatment that allows permanent new hair growth in androgenetic alopecia. Where other treatment methods only offer temporary solutions and must be repeated regularly, you will undergo the hair transplant once.

Because we work with your own donor material, the result is natural and the chance of rejection after the transplant is very small. Let yourself be informed without obligation about the hair transplant by the specialists at FUE Perfect. The first consultation is free and without obligation.

You will receive information about the options that the procedure has to offer and you can ask questions. It is possible to see hair transplant before and after photos of procedures performed in Hoofddorp and Istanbul and you will receive a personal treatment plan with a clear quotation.

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Cost difference

Turkey and the Netherlands

Comparing hair transplant options and costs is no longer limited to Dutch hair clinics. In recent years, various foreign providers have opened branches and/or a representative office in the Netherlands. This means that the possibilities for affordable treatment are greatly expanded. Where Dutch hair clinics have a reputation for being expensive, you can undergo an even more affordable treatment abroad.

Not everyone actually opts for a cheap hair transplant abroad. The quality and experience of the hair surgeons is essential for a natural result. FUE Perfect therefore has clinics in Hoofddorp and Istanbul. FUE hair transplantation for men and women is performed at both locations.

The hair surgeons are ISHRS registered and have been using the technique successfully for years. The quality is constant and you can count on an excellent price-quality ratio. Dutch-speaking guidance in Turkey is available, you don’t have to worry about communication problems. Does a hair transplant appeal to you? During a consultation in Hoofddorp, the treatment options in both Hoofddorp and Istanbul will be discussed with you.


Affordable hair transplant costs women

If you do not want to pay the highest price for a hair implant, but are looking for an affordable rate without compromising on quality, FUE Perfect has a lot to offer. The treatment process starts with a free consultation, during which a specialist assesses your situation and determines whether you are suitable for the desired treatment. This takes into account:

  • The cause of the hair loss;
  • Your overall health;
  • Previous surgeries or medical treatments;
  • Drug use;
  • Familiarity with (chronic) conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and autoimmune disorders.

If you are suitable for the procedure, the specialist will draw up a tailor-made treatment plan. This plan states, among other things, the number of hair follicles that will be transplanted, the technique that will be used, the other items that are included and the cost of the hair transplant. If you decide to have the hair transplant performed at FUE Perfect in Turkey, in addition to the hair transplant, the following are also included: a return flight, 3 nights in a comfortable hotel, transfers to and from the airport, the hotel and the clinic, application of the Sapphire method worth € 250, 17-year growth guarantee, aftercare and checks in Hoofddorp. Costs for the procedure are between €1,950 and €2,650, depending on the number of hair follicles being transplanted.

Fue Perfect

Why choose Fue Perfect clinic?

At Fue Perfect, our expert doctors work closely on your hair transplant. With the expertise of our doctors, they strive for the highest form of quality. It is very important to us that you are satisfied with us and with your treatment.

Expert doctors

You are in good hands with the doctors at Fue Perfect. You will be helped by qualified hair specialists.

Personal treatment plan

A hair transplant is different for everyone. We will discuss your situation in a personal treatment plan.

Treatment location

If you opt for a hair transplant at Fue Perfect, you can choose between a treatment in Turkey or the Netherlands.

Customer experience

Hair transplant experience

Every patient at Fue Perfect has a unique motivation to perform a hair transplant. If you are curious about the experiences with a hair transplant from others at Fue Perfect, read on and perhaps we will see you soon in our clinic for a non-binding consultation.
My hair was thinning which made me very insecure. I am extremely happy with the result.
Marloes van Nieuwkoop
Thanks to the craftsmanship of FuePerfect, I have completely regained my self-confidence.
Antonie Graafveld

Frequently Asked Questions

At Fue Perfect, our expert doctors work closely on your hair transplant. With the expertise of our doctors, they strive for the highest form of quality. It is very important to us that you are satisfied with us and with your treatment.

Do you still have a question despite all the information? Please feel free to contact us.

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At FuePerfect we provide you with expert advice on hair transplants in the Netherlands and Turkey. Our expert in hair transplantation is Drs. Deniz Akdogan. Deniz is a member of the Dutch Association for Cosmetic Surgery (NVVCC). During his studies, he completed a medical education at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam in 2008.

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