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The beard has definitely made its comeback


More and more beards

Men with full beards, beautifully groomed are an increasingly more often sight on the streets. Barbershops are just as common as regular hair salons. Moreover, for many men the beard is a form of masculinity. When the beard shows spots where the hairs don’t grow, the beard hairs are weak or if there’s a lesser density, it can prove just as frustrating as hair loss on the head. A FUE beard transplant is a great method to get a nice full beard, permanently.

Fue beard transplant

The presence of beard hair is the symbol of masculinity, even if a man doesn’t sport a grown beard. It gives him a sense of self-worth. A thin beard usually has a hereditary cause. The genetic predisposition of ancestors plays a role. In addition, surgical procedures, accidents, laser hair removal and burns can lead to beard loss. And finally, the absence of certain testosterone levels or an auto immune disease can be a reason. When you choose a FUE Perfect beard transplant we will examine the level of your testosterone.

Natural result

Fue Perfect carries out many beard transplants in Turkey, because the beard is of particular significant importance to a man in the Middle East. Fue Perfect has many clients in this region. The progressive Fue transplantation method gives a natural-looking result with a full beard and hardly to no scarring.

Scattered beard

The beard transplant can also be applied in men who have no beard growth at all, but there is another group that has hairless parts in the beard. For example, a moustache which doesn’t fully connect to the rest of the beard, or little hair growth on the cheeks. This is called a scattered beard. A beard transplant is a great alternative for these men. For men who have scars on their face due to burns, incisions or pimples, a beard transplant is a great solution too. The beard will cover the fascial scars.

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