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The back of the head is the best option for harvesting hair follicles to transplant to other body parts, like the head, beard or the eyebrow. However, not all patients have enough hair on the back of their head to give the desired result. Fue Perfect has the solution: body hair transplants.

One should see the body hair as a supplement to a hair transplant. We apply this form of transplants to people who:

  • Have little donor hair after previous transplants;
  • Don’t have enough hair for a sufficient amount of grafts. People who were advised against a transplant for this reason in the past, are now perhaps eligible;
  • Still have old and thick grafts and would like to repair this;
  • Want a thicker head of hair with more volume.

When a thicker hair density is desired for a hair transplant, but there isn’t enough hair available on the back of the head, we can look at the option of transplanting body hair. Body hair is different from head hair. It usually is somewhat thinner, curlier, and doesn’t grow as long as head hair. One can ask: Is there a point in transplanting it? Yes, because the hair adapts to the characteristics of the body part where it grows, like it should. For example, when a chest hair is transplanted to the head, it will take on all characteristics of head hair over time. Hairs can be harvested from the arms, chest, legs, belly, armpits or the face. Under certain circumstances even beard hairs can be used.

The donor site

On some patients, body hair can be the source of several thousand of grafts which are needed for the desired result. This large donor site can be used in patients with no or very few donor hairs on the head. Patients with insufficient hair in the donor site are not suitable for a classic transplantation. Fue Perfect will explore all options with you, because we strive to help as many people as possible with their hair problems.

When further extraction of hair from the donor site on the back of the head is impossible, the donor site is, in effect, extended to the entire body and a hair transplant is possible for virtually everyone. Our surgeons are specialized and will observe this immediately when you come to the first consult. During this preliminary check in our location in Almere you will undergo an extensive check-up, and all options are explored. You will receive honest advice regarding your personal situation, expectations and the treatment itself. A treatment plan will be compiled afterwards.


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