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Fue Perfect eyebrow transplant


Facial symmetry

Eyebrows play a key role in the facial symmetry as the main function to protect the eyes from harmful external effects. Loss or thinning of eyebrows can strongly affect someone’s social life. They are among the most important defining elements for a characteristic appearance.


A thin eyebrow or even no eyebrow at all can easily be resolved with an eyebrow transplant. This minor cosmetic surgery is carried out on an increasingly more frequent basis, primarily amongst women. After the transplant, their sense of self-worth returns. Our surgeons are specialized to give the eyebrow the desired and natural shape.

Eyebrow transplants are special

Because the hair grows at an angle, instead of perpendicular like beard and head hair. It’s painful to be confronted with the loss of your eyebrow on a daily basis. But now the time of applying a camouflage eyebrow using (semi-) permanent make up or make up pencils is behind you, with our Fue method eyebrow transplant. Restoring the growth line and direction of eyebrows is difficult, but not impossible. Our surgeons will have a detailed look at the desired eyebrows. Do the hairs of the eyebrow stick forward at the forehead and lay flat in the direction of the ears? We can shape it this way by using our special equipment, which can influence the direction of the hair follicles up to 50 degrees. This way, the eyebrow is shaped in a natural way.

Back of the head

The hairs for eyebrows are also harvested from the back of the head. These will be transplanted to the eyebrow area in less than two hours. When the hair loss of the eyebrows is limited to one area, it is possible that the transplant takes only 30 minutes. Our specialists will gladly tell you what the options and costs are for beautiful eyebrows which will give you the self-confidence you’ve been missing for so long.

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