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Many men fear going bald

Haartransplantatie mannen

Going bald

The thickness of the hair and whether it remains is often genetically determined. A hair transplant offers a natural looking solution, because it is your own hair that will be transplanted. The amount of grafts we apply during the treatment is determined by you, in accordance with the surgeon. Not only do we make recommendations for bald spots, but for spots with thinning hair where you wish to counteract that effect as well.

Different gradations

The cost is determined by the number of grafts that are transplanted: these are the amount of hair follicles taken from the back of the head for transplantation. Your first visit will be at our location in Almere where we will explore the options specifically available to you. The FUE method we use is modern and executed according to the latest technology. Application of the FUE method leaves hardly any to no scarring. Important to know!

In general, you pay up to 50% less when you are treated in our clinic in Turkey. The costs of the hair transplantation become more affordable this way and you’ll leave feeling more confident than ever after the treatment. We guarantee it. The trip to Turkey is fully taken care of when you choose one of our packages: travel, transfer, hotel and treatment.

Turkey is recommended

Not only because our surgeons closely monitor this special occasion and give you a safe feeling during this cosmetic surgery. The transplanted hairs which will be harvested from the back of the head are immune against the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT). In men, this hormone causes hair follicles to die prematurely, resulting in baldness. The hairs from the back of the head belong to the permanent body hair of a man, even if a man is completely bald, the hair ring is preserved. We ‘harvest’ hair from this donor site, which will be put in the recipient site later. This entire process is explained to you from start to finish beforehand, so there won’t be any surprises.

Eligible to undergo

On average, 90% of men are eligible to undergo a hair transplant. Our surgeons provide clear advice on this and will gladly inform you about the personalized possibilities available to you. You can direct all your questions to us: for example, about the costs, the procedure for a hair transplant for men and which aftercare is required.

During the consultation, we set realistic expectations. A successful hair transplantation process starts with a thorough examination by a specialized plastic surgeon who sets up your personalized plan. During one hair transplant treatment about 4000 grafts can be placed, corresponding in total to 10,000 – 12,000 hairs.

Famous Dutch celebrities

It’s no secret many famous Dutch celebrities have chosen a hair transplant. Their face is their calling card and some think a good haircut completes the picture. About 20 years ago, it was unusual to admit any cosmetic surgery. The taboo has been broken. Due to the FUE method the treatment causes barely any to no visible scars, and moreover the costs of a hair transplant have been drastically reduced in the years. This is due to the technology that has taken flight and the specialized surgeons.

Haartransplantatie mannen

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