The Fue Perfect treatment plan

Kliniek Hoofddorp


Prior to actually undergoing a hair transplant, we will engage in conversation during an initial consult. Here we will explore the options available to you. First of all, whether a hair transplant is possible. We will also discuss your current medical status and determine whether you prefer treatment in the Netherlands or in Turkey.

First consult

The initial consult with FUE perfect takes place in our clinic in Hoofddorp, the Netherlands. Our staff will receive you and extensively discuss what our surgeons can do for you. Here, transparency and honesty are keywords for us. If we can’t succeed in obtaining your desired result with a hair transplant, we have to be realistic with you. We can search for alternatives. For example, should your hair ring not provide enough donor hairs for an effective hair transplant we can explore other locations on the body, where we can harvest hairs from.

Personal treatment plan

Our employees and surgeons will set up your personal treatment plan after this initial consult. If you choose Turkey as the location for your hair transplant we will look at the availability in the clinic and of course your diary. We can research and arrange your complete package, so you can start your journey and cosmetic surgery in our Turkish clinic stress free.

If you’re curious to find out if there’s a possibility for hair transplantation for you, send a photo to

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