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Introductory consultation

It’s important to know what to expect when choosing a hair transplant. For this reason, Fue Perfect always invites you for an introductory consultation where we listen to your wishes. Our employees will explain the process in detail to you, and whether we can meet your expectations. The initial consult takes place in our clinic in Hoofddorp, the Netherlands.

During the initial consult, we photograph the current (bald) situation and will offer advice (after internal consultation) on the amount of grafts we expect to be able to transplant and the related costs. In addition, we will discuss with you if you would like to have the transplant performed in Turkey. The clinic in Hoofddorp, the Netherlands is an option too. We will go over the FUE process once again and the details of the treatment. Also, you will find out more about the aftercare and check-up visits.


Because we know that a cosmetic surgery can be quite daunting and is a big step for you. If you choose a complete package arranged by Fue Perfect, we will explain the details of the trip and treatment. What is important to you: to feel comfortable. This is why not only the transfers from and to the airport, but also from hotel to clinic are included. You should expect to spend a week of your time undergoing the treatment and recovery, in order to optimally function from then onwards.

This is what a package for a hair transplant in Turkey looks like:

  • You travel to the airport in the Netherlands or Belgium yourself from where you will fly directly to Istanbul.
  • When you enter the arrival hall, the driver of the transfer service is at your disposal.
  • You check in at the hotel and will be received by your coordinator. If you arrive on an early flight you can explore Istanbul. If you arrive later in the day, a delicious dinner awaits you.
  • You will be picked up and taken to the clinic the day of the treatment.
  • Before photos are taken of the current situation.
  • The attending physician looks at the hairline and density with you, referring back to your initial consult too.
  • Your head is shaved, and a hairnet is placed.
  • Local anaesthetics are applied to the donor site.
  • Grafts are ‘harvested’ from the donor site. This is painless.
  • Time for a good lunch.
  • The grafts are prepared in our lab for transplantation.
  • Local anaesthetics are applied to the recipient site, where the surgeon will place the root canals.
  • The harvested grafts are placed.
  • End of treatment and transfer back to your hotel.
  • The first day is a recovery day, on the day of your return journey you will come back to the clinic for aftercare and a potential follow-up treatment, such as a first washing which you have to repeat at home yourself.
  • When you go home you will receive all documentation and any medication.

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