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Quicker recovery with PRP

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How does PRP work?

Fue Perfect recommends combining each hair transplant with a PRP treatment. PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma. This treatment ensures a faster attachment of the grafts in their new location and a speedier recovery of the scalp. In addition, a PRP treatment ensures a better development of grafts which ultimately results in thicker hair, which adds more volume to the hairdo after the hair transplant.

PRP plasma

Prior to the actual hair transplant, we take some of your own blood. This blood is placed in a special centrifuge. Due to the high rotation the red blood platelets, blood plasma and growth factors are separated. The plasma is then injected in the site where the grafts have been implanted for better recovery.

Why is your own blood used?

PRP plasma contains growth factors which stimulate the body to restore aged or damaged tissue using natural recovery processes from their own body. Highly effective, because PRP is a body’s own natural plasma fluid. The PRP method provides many more blood platelets than a serum. Because own body material is used it doesn’t cause any side effects. You can best compare this with a blood donation, but to yourself. There are no risks regarding infections or allergic reactions. It mainly promotes healing and results in extra hair growth in most cases, because it makes the follicles stronger.

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