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The FUE hair plant technique

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Painless and wonderful results

Fue Perfect uses the FUE hair plant technique to create a beautiful full head of hair. It is painless and gives wonderful results. During a treatment according to the Fue method – an abbreviation of Follicle Unit Extraction – microscopically small instruments with a diameter or 0.55 to 0.70 mm are used. First, the hair follicles are removed with a hollow needle, one by one, from the donor site. This site is usually the back of the head, but if there’s not enough donor hair available here, it can be ‘harvested’ from other parts of the body as well.

The transplanted hair follicles – also called grafts – are immediately transplanted to the balding site. An advantage of this method is that the structure of the hair remains the same, because the hairs aren’t modified at all. A hair transplant is a cosmetic procedure but is performed under local anaesthesia. The wound that develops is hardly larger in surface than that of an injection. It looks painful on photos. However, during each treatment between 1000 and 4000 grafts are placed on a fairly large surface which gives a biased image. Generally, the skin is not experienced as sensitive after the treatment.

Heal quickly

A big advantage of a hair transplant using the FUE-technique is that the wounds of the injections heal quickly in the places where the hair has been removed. No elongated scars remain, as previously was the case with the FUT-technique. The recovery time of a FUE hair transplant is usually quite short. This is because no staples or sutures are needed for this treatment. The donor site is usually healed within a week. After a fortnight, the hair in this area grows in length and it’s hardly visible any intervention took place. Small scabs form in the recipient site, which was previously bald. These remain visible for up to two weeks in most cases. In some cases, it can take up to eight weeks.

Own hair growth

Naturally you are impatient, but after a hair transplant the body needs some time to fully recover. About four months after the Fue treatment, the transplanted hairs begin to grow. The result is optimal after one year. The transplanted hairs are then fully grown, healthy, thick and incorporated in the surrounding hair.

Major benefits of a FUE hair transplant:

  • No use of scalpel, staples or sutures
  • Fast recovery
  • Minimal risk of visible scars
  • Natural full head of hair as a result
  • Aftercare requires little maintenance
  • Treatment is performed under local anaesthesia
  • Long-term solution.

Hurting regardless?

Fue Perfect uses state of the art equipment according to all hygiene standards that apply by ESHRS and ISO. Our surgeons are competent, focus on your well-being and choose quality over quantity. Any surgery comes with risks. For example, a blood clotting disorder or an allergic reaction to anaesthesia can form a complication. Fue Perfect thoroughly examines everything beforehand and covers all bases as much as possible. We do think you should be aware of this, because a 100% complication free surgery cannot be given, by any clinic.

Behandeling Fue

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