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For a treatment as important as your hair, it is extremely important to obtain enough information about the possibilities of a hair transplant. At Fue Perfect we have different treatments to solve your hair loss problem. We carry out our treatments on both men and women. In addition, it is also possible to have a hair transplant performed through us in both the Netherlands and Turkey. 


For which treatments you can contact us

Fue Perfect has several hair transplants; of course for hair on the head, but did you know that hair transplants are also very suitable for the eyebrow, beard or on the body? You can have the treatment performed in our Dutch clinic in Hoofddorp , but also in our hair transplant clinic in Turkey. Did you know that the total price, including the trip, is much cheaper? We offer special packages that consist of travel, accommodation and treatment. If you choose Turkey, a hair transplant will be a lot more affordable, because you save up to 50% on the treatment.


Filling coves with a hair transplant is a relatively minor procedure. Curious about the possibilities?

Coves & crown

In a cove and crown hair transplant, groups of hair follicles are redistributed from the donor area.


In a fully hair transplant, hair follicles are moved from the back of the head to the treatment area.


With a beard transplant, the hair is removed from the back (under anaesthetic) of the head or under the chin.


FUE hair transplant – DHI hair transplant

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) are two of the most commonly used methods for hair transplants. But what’s the difference? How do you choose the best method for your situation?

FUE hair transplant

With FUE technique, the surgeon harvests individual grafts from the donor area. Through tiny circular incisions with a hollow needle. These individual grafts are then transplanted into the part of the scalp with thinning hair or bald spots. The Fue technique uses a local anesthetic. The Fue technique minimizes scarring. Some small incisions are left which will eventually heal and be hidden by the new hair.

DHI Hair Transplant

The DHI treatment is a method in which the grafts are removed from the back of the head. The difference with the FUE treatment is the implantation method. With a DHI hair transplant, each hair follicle is implemented one by one in the scalp. This is done with a specially developed pen for this purpose. In contrast to the FUE treatment, no incisions are made in the scalp where the hair follicle is inserted. The DHI is a more labour-intensive treatment.

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Hair transplant costs

Cost of hair transplant

We offer a hair transplant for a fair and affordable price. The cost of a hair transplant does not have to be expensive. A treatment is by definition personal, so a consultation with the doctor is always necessary. Curious about the costs of our treatments?

Fue Hair Transplant

Treatment Netherlands

  • < 1200 Grafts
    € 2.950
  • 1200-2500 Grafts
    € 3.450
  • 2500-3500 Grafts
    € 3.750
  • 3500-4250 Grafts
    € 4.250

Fue Hair Transplant

Treatment Turkey

  • < 1200 Grafts
    € 2.150
  • 1200-2500 Grafts
    € 2.350
  • 2500-3500 Grafts
    € 2.650
  • 3500-4250 Grafts
    € 2.850

Am I suitable for a hair transplant?

That’s a question we often get at Fue Perfect. Do not worry.
Almost everyone is suitable for hair transplantation. Do you really want to know for sure?
Then take our short online test.

Fue Perfect

Why choose Fue Perfect clinic?

Bij Fue Perfect werken we uitsluitend met deskundige artsen nauwkeurig aan uw haartransplantatie. Met de deskundigheid van onze artsen streven ze de hoogste vorm van kwaliteit na. Wij vinden het erg belangrijk dat u tevreden bent over ons en over uw behandeling.

Expert doctors

You are in good hands with the doctors at Fue Perfect. You will be helped by qualified hair specialists.

Personal treatment plan

A hair transplant is different for everyone. We will discuss your situation in a personal treatment plan.

Handle location choice

If you opt for a hair transplant at Fue Perfect, you can choose between a treatment in Turkey or the Netherlands.
Customer Experiences

Hair transplant experience

Every patient at Fue Perfect has a unique motivation to perform a hair transplant. If you are curious about the experiences with a hair transplant from others at Fue Perfect, read on quickly and we may see you soon in our clinic for a non-binding consultation.

My hair was thinning which made me very insecure. I am extremely happy with the result.
Marloes van Nieuwkoop
Thanks to the craftsmanship of FuePerfect, I have completely regained my self-confidence.
Antonie Graafveld

Frequently asked questions about treatments

Do you still have a question despite all the information? Please feel free to contact us.

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At FuePerfect we provide you with expert advice on hair transplants in the Netherlands and Turkey. Our expert in hair transplantation is Drs. Deniz Akdogan. Deniz is a member of the Dutch Association for Cosmetic Surgery (NVVCC). During his studies, he completed a medical education at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam in 2008.

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Want to know more about a hair transplant? Make an appointment for an online consultation without any obligation.